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Problem using a dataset as a datasource for crystal reports

I can not figure out how to use my dataset as a datasource for my crystal report instead of the database.  When I add a Crystal Report to my project it brings me to a wizard where I can select what kind of report I want from which select use report wizard and standard and click OK.  I then get to a screen that says choose the data you want to report on and gives me a treeview with Project Data, Current Connections, Create New Connection and a couple others.  I expand Project Data and within that I have ADO.NET Datasets and .NET Objects.  I expand ADO.NET ds and I see the dataset that I have added to my project.  I expand that and it shows me the tables in my dataset.  For testing purposes right now I am using Northwind as the db and I have put the suppliers table into my dataset.  I select the suppliers table and click the > button and click next.  I then am at a screen where I can select which columns from the table I want in my report.  I select all of them and then click finish.  Now when I go to preview the report the data that it shows is not data in the dataset.  I see a list of color names under Company Name under Contact Name I see days of the week.  None of that is anywhere in either the ds or the db.  Now when I put a crystal report viewer on my form and set its source to be a variable declared as new crystalreport1 I see no data whatsoever.  I have no clue what it is doing.
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