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Playing m4v media in a web page, how?

I have a movie file that has a m4v extension and would like to be able to play it on a webpage in various browsers.  Is this possible?  I followed the directions for playing quicktime files but I guess this is different since I cannot get it to work.  So do I need a different classid or codebase?  Am I missing a param?  Would it be better to convert this to a mov file?  I've searched here and the web and tried many different things with no success.
Note:  I created this file on a Mac for a class, but I use Linux or Windows XP and no longer has access to the Mac.

Here is the portion of the html.  The m4v file (army) is in the same directory as the webpage.
        <OBJECT WIDTH="336" HEIGHT="240"
        <PARAM NAME="src" VALUE="army.m4v">
        <PARAM NAME="autoplay" VALUE="false">
        <PARAM NAME="controller" VALUE="true">
            <EMBED SRC="army.m4v" WIDTH="336" HEIGHT="240"
            AUTOPLAY="false" CONTROLLER="true" TYPE="video/quicktime"
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