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PC running slow after a power outage

Hi, hope someone can help me.  We had a power outage in the office this afternoon.  All of the PC's came back normally except one.  When the user logs on to the PC it runs so slowly, it was normal speed before the outage. I tried logging onto the PC as administrator and pc seems to run at a normal speed.  Any ideas why this would be happening and what I could try to speed it up.

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Gary Case
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If it's running okay as an admin, then the hardware's probably okay.  You didn't indicate in just what ways it's slow, but if it's with hard drive and/or optical drive accesses (slow program loads, etc.) then it may not be using the correct UDMA modes to access the drives.

Try forcing XP to redetect the transfer modes ...

Run RegEdit (Start - Run - Regedit).

Navigate to the following keys:  (note there will be several, ending in 0000, 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, etc.)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ Class\{4D36E96A-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\000x

Under each key, delete all occurences of the following values:


Now reboot.
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I have tried deleting the user and adding again but nothing has changed.

Just to provide more information on the original call. When you try and log off the following processes pop up which you need to select end process (i think they have not finished running when you login):

mcafee updater
Internet exlporer
Window explorer

I know SAcc.exe can be a virus so I have removed the program Surf accuracy (SAcc.exe) from registry and C:/.

The user has logged onto another PC and is working ok there. I have logged onto the corrupted PC as another network user and it works ok.
to detail further, when you log in as this particular user you cannot click on any applications. clicking on the start menu takes ages to open and then to select a program you get the same delay. You can't get to open anything
look for the virtual memory page size, clean all the junk files and folders and refresh the system once again.Look for the process which are so heavy so check them and stop all the unnecessary serivces.
once logged in i cannot get to check anything it runs so slow. i have tried to get into msconfig to stop unneccesary processes. it just hangs.
Did you try the registry mod ?

thank you for your suggestion, it pointed us in the right direction. we ended up having to delete and recreate the profile in C:/doc and settings. Firstly saving anything stored on C before deleting.