SBS Server Redundancy

HI All

I have a SBS 2k3 server, it had some issues with corrupt raid drivers that made the sytem go down, that is all sorted now but I need to bring in some sort of server redundancy, if I could start again I would not have used SBS (great though it is normally) but am now charged with introducing a redundant server. My main issue is that it is the primary domain controller and exchange server for the whole company. I do not want just RAID but entire server redundancy... any ideas as to the best way forward would be greatly appreciated.
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for exchange server redundancy you could use closter but it's expensive solution
that require more hardware.

to make your single server more redundant  you can use RAID with good backup
double your network card and make teaming, it will ensure fail safe network interface.
make sure you have double PSU unit.
or for bottom line: use the best hardware you can get and make sure you have good backup.

for domain controller you can't use closter so just make sure you have another one as backup
(even on simple PC just as backup)
get another server the same model (off ebay) and V2I and image it
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networkfishAuthor Commented:
I am prepared to buy additional servers, If I cluster them (though I don't think I can do this with SBS) don't I need the same hardware? I guess I will have to move away from SBS but what is the best route...

networkfishAuthor Commented:
To make myself clearer, I have been told to come up with a dual server solution. V2I looks good anyone useit and more to the point has anyone been using it when their server died? Thanks for all the very quick comments I have only just posted this!
yes , you will need to get advance server and exchange
and you do need the same hardware. that way i said it expansive solution.
and you can't cluster DC , mean you need another server for DC.

doubletake sbs edition will repicate the servers will failover but the V2I or live state server can go to different hardware
about V2I , i'm not familiar with this software is't it provide kind of image to restore from ?
if yes, this kind of solution is good for DRP ( disaster recovery plan)

cluster provide real redundancy and it take few minute to the system to recover.
and since exchange server use active-passive cluster mode you can
use the passive node to DHCP for example.
Currently using SBS need to add redundancy to SBS then doubletake and another server will do this
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
You can't have a copy of SBS as a redundant server... because there can only be one SBS in a domain.  However, you can certainly provide redundancy by adding an additional Server 2003 with Exchange on it and configured as a domain controller.  You will need to upgrade your SBS 2003 to SBS 2003 R2 in order for it to support an additional Exchange server on the network.

Upgrading to SBS R2 will allow your current CALs to cover this new server as well.

See for info on SBS R2


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networkfishAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the suggestions, SBS R2 with a second exchange server sounds the most cost effective solution. Would be interested to hear if anyone has actually done this...
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Since R2 just came out this week, (finally), I doubt anyone has added a second Exchange server yet under the new licensing which allows it...

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