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Question about running Groupwise 7 webmail

Is it possible to have Groupwise 7 webmail and 6 or 6.5 webmail running concurrently.  Some of our dialup users find gw7 webmail really slow, so we'd like to offer them the old interface from 6.5.  Is this possible?
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Note that EE has a GroupWise-specific TA -->
Unfortunately, GroupWise v7.x is one of those rare circumstances where Novell didn't maintain backwards-compatibility between versions. Most of the time, there's no problem running a mildly back-rev Agent like GWIA or a POA against a newer MTA. Not so with v7.x.

Given that it's only your dialup users who are seeing a slow response, I'd suggest either:

1) Customize the existing GWWA v7.0 interface by reducing the size of, or even eliminating, logos and images and other bandwidth-sucking features. Go for a more Google-like interface - clean and sparse.

2) Create a second GWWA environment specifically for low-bandwidth users, strip it down as in 1) above, and point only the dial-up users to that Agent (this lets the rest of the users see the "rich" interface).
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Do you have any links on how to do this?  I'm fairly new to this.
Searching Google using -->  GroupWise WebAccess custom

There was a TID for doing this on GroupWise v6.5. Dunno if it's been updated for v7.
This link is a bit more esoteric - it's aimed at developers -->
Here goes that TID -->

Altho it only says it covers thru GW v6.5. Dunno if the info is still good for v7.x.
I didn't mean to post twice, I posted that 2nd message before I knew that this one was moved to that area.

Yeah I figgered that's what happened to him (posted before he knew it moved).
How about SHE :) lol
Tigger996, it's real easy to assume a techie-type is a nerdy guy, 'specially when the handle has no gender and there's nothing in the Question or any comments to indicate either way. (present company included...) ;)

If you're a "SHE," perhaps you could populate your user profile a tad, so we don't make errant assumptions?

Just a suggestion...
Actually I've seen a place where they offer gw7 webmail client and also offer gw6.5 webmail client for those users who are having difficulty using the new interface.  Do you know how we can offer the gw6.5 webmail client and 7 at the same time?
The only way I can think of would be to have a separate GroupWise 6.5 domain set up as a foreign domain to the GW7 domain.  As PsiCop indicated, there aren't any good ways to have GW7 pieces service GW6.5 pieces directly.  The GW6.5 web agent doesn't mix with a GW7 MTA, AFAIK, so you'd have to have a GW6.5 MTA for it to talk to.

It would be set up sort-of like "best practices" says you should set up GWWA anyway, but with all GW6.5 pieces.

Psi, does that sound right?
Whoops! Mea culpa!

Yeah, women are a minority, and I'm afraid us Neatherthals kinda default to assuming another techie is male.
Back to mixing GroupWise v6.5 and v7.0, ShineOn's suggestion of an arrangement where the GroupWise v6.5 system is linked - as an External system is one method - the the 7.0 environment so as to create the illusion of a seamless is one way it might be happening.

Alternatively, since there's a fair amount of doc on how to modify the appearance of GroupWise WebAccess, the system owner (or a decent web programmer) might have gone into a v7.0 WebAccess and hacked it to *look* like v6.5.
It doesn't matter how it *looks* - our dialup users find it EXTREMELY slow whereas gw6.5 web client provided decent performance.
What I'm suggesting is that the v6.5 interface was more bandwidth-friendly in terms of images, logos, scripts, etc. And to achieve that in v7, I'm back to my two original suggestions.
upgrade to the latest gw7 support pack.  Webaccess has many fixes, including the slowness.  The original v7 version of webaccess was dreadfully slow, even on LAN/broadband connection.

It also introduces a radio button on the login page so that the user can select whether or not they want all the 'fancy' stuff (auto name completion etc) turned on for that session, in order to make the client more efficient for dialup access.

worth trying that first and see if it's more usable.

We are up to date floyd99 - even selecting the dialup option ( I know because I'm on dialup at home) the webmail is still really really slow. but our users have no problem with the 6.5 webmail client.  So that's why we're looking into running both if possible.
Running both in the same GroupWise System is not supported.

GroupWise v7.0 is an exception to the general rule that you can run mixed versions of Novell product environments. Running, say, NetWare v5.1 and v6.5 side-by-side is not a problem. Running a GroupWise v6.0 POA in a GroupWise v6.5 environment can be done. Running eDirectory v8.6 and v8.7 in the same Tree can be done. But GroupWise v7.0 does not support any Agents from earlier versions.

Which is why I say perhaps the solution is to make the existing site more bandwidth-friendly.
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Cool. Sounds like a roadmap to do what I originally suggested (hacking the v7.x interface to us the more bandwidth-friendly v6.5 interface). I'll be interested to hear if Fletch's roadmap meets the need.
I will mention fletch's idea to my boss and see what he thinks.  I will keep you posted.

Hey Fletch,

After talking with our newtork administrator we don't have a templates.???  folder.
I think this was installed clean.  Is there anywhere else we can get this from?

sorry about that. I thought that since you made a reference to the old 6.5 interface that you had upgraded. anyway, if you can get your hands on the Software Distribution Directory from GW6.5 you can find the frames dir in the following location:


same as before just copy the frames dir from there to:

<groupwise mail server>sys:\tomcat\4\webapps\gw\WEB-INF\classes\com\novell\webaccess\templates

if you dont of a 6.5 SDD then just download the gw 6.5 iso from and start a custom install. and only extract the software distribution directory to your local dirve as to not ruin your production environment.

let me know how it goes.
Nevermind, we found it and it works GREAT!!!  THANKS so much!