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Time Rollback In Outlook 2003

We have Blackberry Enterprise Server - Our users connect to Outlook to update calendar and e-mails. One of our users time Zone settings on his blackberry got changed to Casa Blance time without his knowledge. After entering alot of his appointments they were transferred to Outlook with a 7 hour time difference. We were able to change the time zone settings back to Pacific time but all his appointments are now messed up. Is there any way to to do a rollback in outlook  so that his times are correct.
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Greetings, pappast !

If the appointments are created in a different time zone, there is no easy way to set the time straight.  You will have to manually change the time in the appointment one by one.

When Indiana went to daylight saving times for the first time, many users had to make time changes in their Outlook appointments.

Best wishes!
You could always export the Calendar to a format like Excel, change what you need to change, and import it back into the Calendar instead of changing them individually.

To do this, go to:

File / Import and Export

Select 'Export to a file'

Choose a format. I use Excel.

Select the 'Calendar' folder

Give it a file name and location.

You can also add a second time zone to the Calendar:

Go to Tools / Options / Preferences tab

Select 'Calendar Options'

Click onto 'Time Zone'

Check the box 'Show an additional time zone'

And put in the Time Zone that would accurately reflect your user's time zone.

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Thanks, war1
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I actually called Blackberry Tech Support and this is what they want me to do:

Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Technical Support.

Please perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Create a backup of the BlackBerry using the Backup and Restore in the Desktop Manager
2. Change the time zone on the BlackBerry under Options>Date and Time
3. Change the time zone in the Outlook to the correct time
-Tools>Options>Calendar Options>Time Zone
4. Clear the calendar database on the BlackBerry
-Use the Advanced option in Backup and Restore to clear the BlackBerry calendar database
5. Perform a "Synchronize Now" in Intellisync to bring the calendar items back to the BlackBerry

Hope this helps others, or if this is something that others have tried and didnt work please let me know at the following e-mail address.

Thank you,
Mike, did any of Blackberry suggestions fix the problem?
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No - I actually went to Blackberry support for the answer - see comments for details.
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Please close question

pappast. You may want to post a 0-point note in Community Support board with a link to this page to close this question and get your points back. Community Support board link is at the top right of the page.
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