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Delete Reciept

There are the traditional Delivery and read reciepts in outlook.  I want to know if there is a Delete receipt.  I want to know if a person ignores an email and deletes it.

Any ideas, Thanks in advanced.
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I dont get those messages when I test it.  Is there a special setting for that?
The exact message will look something like my test results here:
"Your message

      To:      GenericAccount
      Subject:      test
      Sent:      9/13/2006 12:24 PM

was deleted without being read on 9/13/2006 12:25 PM."

Not only do you have to make sure the message was sent with read receipts, but also you need to have the recipient's Outlook configured as follows (from Outlook's main menu):
Tools>Options>Preferences Tab>Email Options>Tracking Options
The section marked "Use this option to decide how to respond to requests for read receipts" should have either "always send a response" or "ask me before sending a response" selected. In case of the latter, the recipient will have to verify that they do want to send a receipt.

Having said that, be aware that some people never open (i.e. double click) on emails to read them. They use the preview pane, and have it set so that it does not mark messages as read. This will make it seem like many more people are ignoring your messages than is actually the case. When my organization used read receipts, we found that many people were getting the "deleted without being read" notice because of this. Also, there is no expiration on the receipts that I am aware of, since I occasionally get messages indicating someone deleted an unread email I sent them 3 years ago.

Actually, you were right the first time, forgot that moving it to deleted items wasn't deleting it.  It does work in the way you say.  Besides, the person who wants to know about this want the sender to receive a deleted reciept, (don't know why but he owns the company so its his choice).

Thanks for your help.