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how to create a monthly query

all right you expect I need help figuring this problem.  I am working In a access file for my church. I need to query the members list that shows members birthday every months. please Help
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do you want to do this from a form? or do you just want to have a query that you open and enter the month?
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Hi bizcard,

SELECT MemberID, MemberLName, MemberFName, MemberMName,
    DateSerial(Year([Enter date]), Month([Birthday]), Day([Birthday])) AS ComingBirthday,
    DateDiff("y", [Birthday], DateSerial(Year([Enter date]), Month([Birthday]), Day([Birthday]))) AS AgeToBe
FROM tblMembers
WHERE Month([Birthday]) = Month([Enter date]) And Year([Enter date]) >= Year([Birthday])
ORDER BY Day([Birthday]), MemberLName, MemberFName, MemberMName

At the prompt, enter a date within the month you want to check.


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Patrick Matthews
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Add a new column to the query.  

Expr1: Month([DOB_field])

In the criteria for that column put:


This will return all records where date of birth is this month.