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Adding FTP users

Hello, I am a beginner at administering Unix servers. What I want to do is setup some ftp users on the server. The users would need full access (read, write, etc) to all of the website files on the server. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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1) You can add a normal user use "useradd" command to create a user
man useradd
to learn more details:

also have a look at the answer in http:Q_21907408.html

PS: you can create a FTP only account, by using /bin/false as the user login shell
      need to add /bin/false to /etc/shells file.

2) You can create a web dir for that user by setting up the proper permmsions for
    the dir
   You want user1 to look after /path-to/user1-doc
   you do:
   chmod 750 /path-to/user1-doc
   chmod g+s /path-to/user1-doc
   chown -R user1:nobody /path-to/user1-doc
  the permissions should looks like:
   drwxr-sr-x  14 yuzh     nobody      1536 May 12  2004 public_html/

   If you need more help, please post your OS version, or the output of:
  uname -a


Firstly, you need to tell us which Unix flavour you are talking about as FTP configuration varies greatly.  Unix is a generic term.

Yuzh's example is for Solaris.
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Okay... Free BSD 4.5 - Release... will those commands still work?
You still can useradd and chmod command to do the job.

man useradd
to learn more details about the usage.

and have a look at the FreeBSD book:

Full Doc:

Good luck!
Okay... I tried the adduser command, and I got an error "/var: write failed, file system is full" I know I'm probably doing something wrong, any suggestions?

Also I have enter shell csh date false no sh tsch [false]: which one should I choose?
>>"/var: write failed, file system is full

you need to cleanup your box, free some disk space!

type in:
df -k

to see the disk usage of your box. you might end up have to repartion your HD.
Okay, I finally got the user added (yes it was waaaayyy too full) I can login via ftp, but I can't see anything. How do set this user up to be able to see and manipulate files that are already there? I am thinking it has to do with the chmod commands given earlier in the post, but I need it broken down a little further (please).
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Okay, I am about ready to say I got it, but I am still having access issues... I have the user setup, when I use ws_ftp I can see all of the website folders, but when I try to write or delete something I get access denied... what did I miss?

Thanks for your patience and help!
How did you setup the permisssions for the website folders, the user must have read and write permisions to the dir to enable him/her to write/delete files!