Response.Close() vs Response.End()

When using with AJAX is it better to use close or end?  (or both (and what order)).

Close:  Closes the socket connection to a client.  
End:  Sends all currently buffered output to the client, stops execution of the page, and raises the EndRequest event.  

I know this might sound like a simple question but i think it might be the cause of a bug in my program.

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try this:


also, i doubt you actually need to be using those methods in your app....if you think there is a related bug, try not using them at all and check results.


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For normal process you can use:

For esceptional case, say you are catching some exception and want to display error message in client, you can use only     context.Response.End(); after context.Response.Write().
UnexplainedWaysAuthor Commented:
The problem i think is that i've now made an AJAX call on <body onunload>.  The javascript get's called and the server page is contacted, however it never returns back to the javascript (thats ok, just telling the server the page closed).

My guess is that you can get away without using Response.Close() &Response.End() in a normal ajax call, however after 2 call's to the server i can't make a third.  It seems to crash everything.  I guess it has a limit of 2 connections and they wern't closed or ended.
UnexplainedWaysAuthor Commented:
All sorted now,

When its a normal AJAX call, it needs to have .End(), and doesnt require .Close().  However, when its calling when the page is being closed, it requires the .Close() and it can't have the .End().

Simple if/else sorts that one out.  Thanks for the help
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