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MySql Connection Failed: 2003 Can't connect to MySQL Server on '' (10054)

Using MySQL-Front on Win XP machine to connect to MySQL on Fedora Core5 box on network.

user: root
Password: ***

After the timeout  I get:
MySql Connection Failed: 2003 Can't connect to MySQL Server on '' (10054) <== not sure what 10054 is

To fill-in some detail:
    mysqld IS running on server
    can ping to from
    mysqladmin -u root -p*** ping reports "mysqld is alive"
    nmap localhost shows port 3306/tcp open mysql
    my.conf does NOT have a line for skip-networking - further, at mysql prompt: SHOW VARIABLES LIKE "skip-networking"; shows the value is OFF

Can build db's on the Fedora Box, add tables, fields and values all with no problems.

But cannot connect to MySql from the Windows Box

Any ideas where to go next?
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Hi... Here is something that might help.

The Linux Box is also a gateway to the net. When configuring ftp and NameVirtualServers two separate problems were encountered with SELinux. Thios may still be the case with MySQL network connections. However...

The Linux Box is running Firestarter. If I check out iptables "service iptables status" I get a whole bunch of stuff that, frankly I can't figure out. If I do a "service iptables stop" I loose all NAT routing for the network behind the box but, for the first time, I get MySQL-Front working from any XP machine on the network.

So.. iptables?

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