urgent: recovery help needed, server crash

We had our email server crash this morning. I tried using ESEUTIL with no luck on repair or what not. I restored the information store om our backup, but that was from Friday. After degragging and rebooting, the information stores finally mounted.

The problem is, the email is from Friday, which you can see on web outlook outlook uncached mode. Now most of our users are running cached mode, so they have their emails, but the problem is with syncing that local cached mode email with the exchange server, i thought it was supposed to do that automatically? When a user launches web outlook they have fri email up until fri, whereas the local shows mostly everything (if they ran their outlook that is). So how do I get the local cache to sync with the server?

second problem is that I may have to restore another backup of the DB from last night, in order to retrieve I guess everyones or just people using uncached mode, will that screw things up? Or can I restore last ngihts backup (differntial) somewhere else and then manually move the few important mails pepole need?
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Considerations and best practices when resetting an Exchange mailbox database

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shankshankAuthor Commented:
Clarification of my problem

Running Windows 2000 server with Exchange 2000 server
Clients are running Outlook 2003

Recently our exchange database had to be restored from a backup, which was this past Friday. The problem is that the users with outlook clients running cached mode have their email from sat-mon locally, but when they go into web outlook they only have up until Friday's restore.

For some reason the local outlook will get new mail but WILL NOT sync the mail from sat-mon that it has,

why is this?
this is because the databases have changed so the link between the ost file and the database is broken.
when the users open their mailbox via OWA they see the database that has been restored whereas the outlook clients already have email in the ost files.
the users need to copy the emails that they send/receive during  sat-mon into their mailbox or a pst file and once that is done they have to configure a new ost file.

the ost concepts are also mentioned in the article that i pasted above
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shankshankAuthor Commented:
they have to copy the emails from the weekend into their mailbox? How?
the ost file does not push the data into the exchange database. it pulls it from the database.
the users have the old data in the ost file because the ost file synced with the server before the database crashed.
after that you restored the database and now it contains the data till friday.
users are able to access the data via OWA till friday becasue the database contains that and not the data from sat-mon
if you want that data to appear when the users access their mailbox via OWA then that needs to be copied back into the mailbox via outlook
select the messages via outlook and copy them into the mailbox by using the drag and drop method or move them
shankshankAuthor Commented:
I don't understand what you mean by selecting the messages in outlook and copying them, where do I copy them? It's just one thing that is called Mailbox - user name

and then the user has their inbox and then subfolders with mail from the weekend that do not show up on OWA
Do you get any error when you click on send/receive?
Also is outlook running in offline mode or online mode?
shankshankAuthor Commented:
Outlook is running in cached mode, and is online

I don't see any errors
shankshankAuthor Commented:
Is there not a easier way that can be done server side, so the user doesn' thave to do oit and get help from IT? There are a good 40 users. I mean its only a few mail, I could just have the user forward those emails to themselves otherwise if the process is too cumbersome
I am not sure whether there is another way. Maybe others have some ideas
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