I have a user that deleted a file on a network folder. The file is gone and not in any recycle bins.

Can I restore this file and where might I find it?

Server is win 2003

user is win 2000pro

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Your best bet is to restore from backup.  Otherwise you can try one of the many data recovery programs out there.  These can be fairly processor and I/O intensive and slow your server down considerably.  If there is not much freespace on the partition that contained the file you may not be able to recover it and will have to restore from backup.
Below are some websites offering data recovery software:

Good Luck

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The Recycle Bin only works for files which have been deleted locally as far as i no.

Have you a backup of ther file or have you VSS enabled
BPWALKINAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Big life saver!
Good Luck!

If you have the drive space you may want to investigate using the Volume Shadow Copy service.  See for more information.
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Windows Server 2003

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