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mouse and keyboard seems to be controlled remotly

Hello Experts,

I have a problem that is bugging me alot. We have two PCs in a network that seems to have been a target of some sort of macro virus. All of a sudden the mouse will start moving after a preset macro. I have checked the system process and services and I dont see anything out of the ordinary. I removed the PC's from the network and they still did the same thing. It seems like the mouse and keyboard has a prerecorded macro to open certain server softwares and brute force passwords. The macro has very high accuracy and it is just like someone has taken over the screen since I resized the windows and they are still able to close the windows on the red X button..... even though I unplugged the network cable!!

I have looked everywhere for a potential virus/trojan but I cant find anything wrong. It even did it in SAFE MODE after I restarted it and took it off the network.

If anyone have had a similar problem or know of a solution please let me know.

Thank you,
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Will Szymkowski
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Hello there,

Was this a file that you downloaded or received by email? Download Hijackthis and run a scan on your computer. When you have done the scan go to and copy/paste the log file into the textbox provided and press analyze.

This will give you all of the entries on your computer. If you can't seem to figure out what the problem is copy/paste the log file here and will be glad to help you. If your 100% sure that its a macro you can go into Excel and turn your security level to high. This should solve the problem.
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Use NOD32 Antivirus / anti threatware
      Go to Download the NOD32 trial. Install and update it. Reboot into safe mode (F8 on boot and select safe mode with networking) Run NOD32 go into the setup and select all of the boxes ignore any warnings. then select scan and clean. This will kill all viruses and spyware on your PC. any questions e-mail me through my site. thanks

The nzbn site links directly to the nod32 parent site's latest NOD32 download

That should kill em all :)
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Rich Rumble
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might be mouse hardware problem.

replace mouse and see if it still happen.

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I cant believe it. We replaced the WL kb and mouse with a wired one and nothing happened . I put the WL back on and instantly it started again. I have never seen this happen.

Thank you all for your responses...

It does happen, wifi mice and kb's, just like your cordless phone at home, have a very small enthropy of frequiencies or channels in which to operate, and if it's the same manufacturer, it can be even smaller. I know my logitech has like 5 "channels" it can use, and i've had it jump because of some interference or anothers logitech kb/mouse.