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Rounded Image Corners


Users on our website are currently able to upload images to our server.  We use ASP Upload to do that.

But, we'd like to create a way to automatically round the corners of these images.  Is this possible using ASP Upload or any other way?

Thanks, JM
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You are talking about editing the uploaded image. ASPUpload is a component to facilitate the uploading only. I don't think there is a component that would do it on the fly.

You could probably use some HTML/CSS technique while displaying the uploaded image to be displayed with rounded corner.
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Then, what coding that should be used to display a regular image as one with rounded corners?
Depeneds how your current HTML looks. There are several ways. Try
This looks like it is creating rounded corners around text content, though.  

I'm trying to create this:

(see the 3 images with rounded corners on the left?)
The technique should work for images also. Put image tag in place of text. The only issue is that you will have to match the color of background (i.e. the corners) with the color of uploaded image and give the proper size also. But I already see problems in that.

There are lots of ways to do this, but all have pros and cons. You can manipulate the image using a component on the server like ASPJpeg for instance. You could also place a transparent .png frame over the top of each image. What's best depends upon the following.

Are all your images the same size?
Are all your images going to be placed against the same background color?
Can you get components installed on your web hosting?


Hi Garve,

Thanks for the note.  Here are the answers to your questions.

All images will be small thumbnails, but they will not necessarily be the exact same size.
All images will be placed on a white background.
Yes, we can install components on our web hosting.


If the thumbnails were all going to be exactly the same size I'd advise you to set them as background images on a div of the same size, and then place a transparent .png over the top of them.

However, if they're not then I think your best bet is to use something like ASPJpeg

If you install this on your machine then each time you upload an image using ASPUpload you can place two .png overlays on it, one for the top corners and one for the bottom corners, and then save it.

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