Load balance public folders between exchange servers.

I currently have an old Exchange 2003 Server.  We have two new exchange 2003 servers.  

We have half our users on one of the new servers and the other half on the second new server.

I would like to be able to split my public folders between the new servers as well.  I have read up on the Public Folder Migration Tool, and it will only let you migrate ALL of your public folders from one server to another.

Is it possible, and if so, how would I go about being able to split my public folders between the two servers, but still show up as one public folder structure in Outlook?

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Jared LukerAsked:
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Hi jared_luker,

The first thing that jumps to my mind is Replicas


You can configure both exchange servers to have a copy of each public folder, and then synchronize it in the background

Hope that helps,

Jared LukerAuthor Commented:
Are replicas just for disaster recovery, or does it provide some sort of load balancing so that one server is not getting hammered with all of the public folder requests?
Jared LukerAuthor Commented:
or would the users that have their account on server1 access the public folders on server1?  And likewise for the users who have their accounts on server2 access the public folders on server2?
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I know in Exchange 5.5 it wasn't set that way,

I am pretty sure that is how it would work - users homed on server 1 use the public folder store from server 1

Just looking for confirmation


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Red is correct. The users on server1 will connect to the default public folder store configured in the mailbox store properties for PF access. Same goes for users on server2.
Oh good, I couldnt find a link to verify that

Thanks rakeshmiglani!

Jared LukerAuthor Commented:

Would you happen to have a link somewhere that backs up what you said above.  My co-workers are skeptical.

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