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I need to "get" a directory containing .png and .html files from a Linux server and copy those files to a mapped windows drive - and I don't know how...
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perl -MLWP::Simple -e 'getstore("http://server/file.html","/Volume/drive/file.html")'

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starpilot1Author Commented:
If I understand correctly I type
getstore http://the Linux server name/all the .png & .html file names /I only know the mapped drive letter W:/all the .png and .html files names

Couldn't I copy the directory - in ths case aug06 - and have it carry all the files with it?

Does the server support FTP?
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The answer depends on what protocols and file sharing you have setup/available.

The easiest way would be to create a samba share on the Linux server and simply map that on the Windows server.
> .. copy those files to a mapped windows drive ..
are you talking about copying on windows or Linux?
  xcopy /S \\linuxserver\share\directory \\windowshost\share\destination

  cp -r /mnt/sourceserver/share/directory /mnt/windowshost/share/destination
starpilot1Author Commented:
Yes OZO, the server suupports FTP.

I'm using Putty to access the Linux server.  I run a routine using Webalizer and the resulting .png & .html files reside in a directpry on the Linux server. I'm supposed to copy those files .png & .html files to a directory appearing on my windows workstation which is actually a mapped drive (W:) to another server
still confusing ...
trying to get used to it:
  you sit on M (windoze) and want to copy files from L (Linux) to R (wondoze)
  and you have mapped R on W:

then simply map L to another drive (let's say L:) and use my previous xcopy example (replacing \\server\share by W: resp. L:)
Assuming that you have ftp running on the server, do this (type exactly in order) from your Windows machine ...

open YourLinuxServerName
user YourUserName
lcd W:\WhateverDirOnWDrive
cd TheDirWhereYourHTMLAndPNGFilesAre
mget *.*

starpilot1Author Commented:
My IT dept provided Winscp and I was able to copy WINSCP...I used that and was able to complete the copy.
starpilot1Author Commented:
I've solved my issue - unfortuneately, I didn't use the solutions provided bt anyone here - I'd like to at least divide the points up then for a very much appreciated effort.  How do I do that?
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