Delphi Service Application + Named Pipes

I developed a program for work, GUI interface, that ran a thread to complete file processing.
This application now needs to be turned into Service Application.

With using a GUI I could just use PostMessage() to tell my GUI what happened inside the server, like a reporting utility.
After the thread would compile the GUI would compile the data and then email a group of associates..

Since I'm turning this into a Service I can't use PostMessage(). I do not want to use PostTreadMessage as I would like to
develop a standalone application that can view what is occuring in the actual Service.
Basically I need this.

Main Application(Service Thread)
1) Create a Multithreaded Pipe Thread
2) Create Connection to Pipe
3) Spawn a CopyThread
4) Spawn a BuildPlan Thread
5) Read data from Pipe and process data (ReadFile Only)

Copy Thread
1) Connect to Pipe
2) Process file copies
3) WriteFile to Pipe with Status Report (WriteFile Only)

Build Plan Thread
1) Connect to Pipe
2) Process BuildPlan check
3) WriteFile to Pipe with Status Report of Check (WriteFile Only)

I've been diligently looking trying to find good examples to create a Named Pipe Thread that will allow multiple connections(both threads + standalone app) however I'm lost.

Could someone please provide an example or insight that will
a) create a named pipe
b) create a couple threaded connections to the pipe (writefile only)
c) read data into main application..
d) for standalone application be able to read everything that comes acrost the pipe.
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Russell LibbySoftware Engineer, Advisory Commented:

You might take a look at the named pipe component set that I wrote, available at:

Both the server and client pipes run in async mode (including IO handling) by utilizing threads. The server was written to handle up to 100 connected clients (could be upped by modifying MAX_THREADS), and exposes events to notify of client connect, disconnect, error, data available, etc. I wrote this for D5, but with help of others it was modified to work correctly for D6/D7 as well. Should simplify any work that you need to do with named pipes.

Let me know if you have questions / problems,

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yewnixAuthor Commented:
This is a great help!
I haven't tested this out via an actual Service Application yet it seems to do well with GUI apps.
Incorporating this into a Service application with no GUI should work properly I would think.
Any comments ?
Russell LibbySoftware Engineer, Advisory Commented:

I know another individual using that component set in a service, and I believe all issues have been worked out (last year). You should not have any problems, but if you run into anything then let me know so I can address it.

yewnixAuthor Commented:
Thanks again. Works great!
Bruno BuesserCommented:
Russel's component can now be found at:

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