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Network Design,

I am curious on how you design a network architecture for a particular company. I believe this is depending on the business requirement but sure most experience network architecture must have something in common.
1) What are they?
2) I was wondering whether designing network design is a relative / subjective matter i.e like architecture designing a property - it can be done in many ways?
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It all comes down to the wants to hear what you can do for them and WHY it's worth the money to invest.  They don't care if a fibre backbone with SAN architecture for data is fast, they want to know why it will increase productivity and decrease downtime.

1. Least interference to users and services (if network already exists)
2. High availability (do you spend the extra $$ on redundant power supplies for your switches...?, etc. etc.)
3. Expansion (especially rapid) Will the network need to be completely revamped in the future?  How easy will the network be to expand?

To me, these are the key things.  There are always other things to consider, as I'm sure people will point out.

There's always many ways to design a network.  However, not every soution is the proper one.
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Yes, networking can be done in several ways... the prior experts pretty much covered the ideological concepts... I'm not sure you're level of experience with networking, but assuming its basic...

Downloadable PDF books are available at (for FREE)...

might be worth a visit and read up for more details.