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Delphi Interbase Set Transaction Level to disallow other users to post records

Good day,

I have a routine that Post important values to a transaction table.

When this form starts up, I call a procedure to check if there is any data that are ready to be posted to this table, if there is data I show
the data in a grid, and the user must then first print the data, and then he can post these transaction to the table.

I use a procedure to get the data from the different tables to show in the grid.
I want the following to happen : Ā If a user runs this routine, then if another user also run this routine from a diffrent machine the first user are allowed to see the data in the grid, but the second user must get a message that says No data found to post.
If the first user dont post any data at the time and he exit, then if a new guy runs this routine then the data must display again.

I dont want two user to run the same routine at the same time, and then both post the same data at the same time, because then I will have duplicate entries
in my table.

Please it is important for me to know what Level I must set my transaction component, I dont want any deadlock's.

I am using Delphi 6 with Interbase database components and Firebird 2.0.0

Thank you

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the same way you use a transaction table, use a systemtable or a diff table you have with 1 record. post that a user is previewing the data, and post when done. before opening the trans.table check this value

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Hi sorry Limbeck but I dont understand your answer.
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it is a workaround