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Windows 2000, inetinfo.exe running at 100% or almost and this isn't an exchange server

I have noticed that my cpu has been running at 100% lately.  I restart the "IIS Admin Service" which also restarts the FTP, WWWP, and SMTP service as well.  When I try to restart all these services,  the World Wide Web Publishing Service hangs on stopping.  I tried to look on the web for "World Wide Web Publishing Service hung" and all the articles I get are about the service hanging on start.  That isn't the case.  I tried looking up inetinfo.exe 100% and get articles on Windows 2000 with Exchange 2000 and this isn't an exchange server.  So I'm a little puzzled.  

I just restarted the WWWP service and it did it without hanging, so I restarted it.  About two minutes later it was back at 100% so I tried again to restart the WWP service and it hung on stopping with the error

1503: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

Gah!  Any ideas anyone?
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Under the Application Log event viewer I had the following error for one site....

Event ID: 1000
Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions: - Error #20001 Message: Cannot open file "service.lck" for reading.

I stopped the site in IIS.  and i'm not sure if it happened before I did that or after but the WWWP service was stopped, I restarted the service.  Well see what happens.
Well that didn't fix it... @ 2:19AM I restarted the WWWP Service.
I take it you didn't read my whole question... This isn't an exchange server.
Is this just a workstation?
No this is my web server that has been running fine for years now.  
Ok, but is it windows 2K pro (workstation)  or 2K server?
Windows 2000 Advanced Server
This isn't an exchange server. :|
First uninstall ISS, reboot, reinstall IIS and install the last patches. It's possible that with uninstalling IIS, the patches are gone too.
Also do a check with hijackthis to be sure there ins't spyware on the machine.

and analyze it on
This machine isn't used to surf the web. As for uninstalling IIS, will I loose the websites that are in it right now?  I can't be doing that if that will happen.
Yes, if you want to dot that, you first need to backup the websites. Sorry.
Ok, Reinstalling IIS should be the last resort.  This issue has been resolved by stopping the website.  I recreated the website and will delete the old website from IIS.
None of the above answers fixed my issue as I fixed this issue myself.
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