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unwanted wirless routers and AP on Dorm network

    I have a network that is cisco with no special configuration (no vlans or routing). This network is a Dorm network with just a firewall (Watchgaurd) and a router that provides internet. I need a tool to be able to easily and cheaply find wireless routers and access points. How can I do this?
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well, the cheapest and easiest, assuming you have a laptop with a wireless card, is netstumbler....

This will let you walk around with the laptop and will alert you when you pick up an AP. I suggest getting an antenna for your wireless card as it will increase your range.

 If you are just trying to determine if there is one in the area, this is more than sufficient... BUT with this setup you can't precisely triangulate the AP for an exact location.... you can get a pretty decent idea based on signal strengths, but not precisely where it is. If you want to get more tricky than that, you might try to use a directional antenna and attempt to see where the signal is coming from by walking around.... but that might prove tough and inaccurate from inside a building.... Sorry but that's probably the best you can do on a low budget.
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How about for any budget? Must be something I can hook into the network that will tell me what the MAC address of the rouge device is.
there are a few tools like Ethereal that will let you monitor the traffic coming over the switch. You will need to set up a port on the switch to allow you to see all traffic, then you can monitor it all using Ethereal.

Problem with such a deal is that unless you know all the MACs of good devices, the rogue AP will just have another MAC that you won't be able to distinguish from the rest of the legitimate traffic. It might be a challenge but if your are up for some detective work you could do it.

There are other scanners available out there that can ping all addresses in your space and let you know about what they find... look into Nmap.

Also, a really, really, low tech solution is to just check out the cables on the switch for who has a link light and who SHOULDN'T have a link light....
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I found an expensive tool by AirDefense that disables rouge access points. You'll have to look on their site to get the name.