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DVD Menu Creation

I need to create a DVD & have run into a block.  I have tried several of the DVD authoring programs that come with Sonic & Roxio, but all of them have various barriers.  I need to find a DVD authoring tool that allows me to create the following menu:

1) MAIN MENU - Has a background image that is in JPEG.  Then it has a video that is on that screen that continuously loops.  Then it has two buttons, one for each sub-menu.  I have gotten Roxio DVD program to do the initial portion of this by creating an MPEG that has my picture background with the video on it...however, it stops playing it after 30 seconds & starts over.  I really need it to play the full 6 minute video over & over again until someone selects one of the two smaller buttons.

2) Sub-Menu A & B - This sub-menu will have 6-10 videos that are just thumbnails with 2-4 word descriptions under them.  They will just be thumbnails, not live videos.  When someone clicks on one of them, it will play that video in full screen & upon completetion, return to the same sub-menu.  Roxio's program does this fine.  It must have a button to go back to the main menu.

I am looking for a program that has a fully function 15-30 day trial so I can test it out.  If it works, then I will buy the software since I am going to be constantly revising this DVD.  I am looking for as much help as possible, so I would greatly appreciate your quick input.

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That doesn't address making DVD menus as much as ripping DVDs to MPEGs.  I already have all of the videos on my computer & I need to make a semi-advanced DVD menu
You might want to try a 'pointer' question over in the Multi-media forum:

That would get the right sets of eyeballs looking at your question.
Have you tried Nero 7.x.

It is probably overkill.  It included DVD/CD burning, a media player, a backup program, etc. etc.  One of the programs is a menu editor.  I don't know if it is exactly what you are looking for, but give it a shot.

You don't really have anything to lose.  They have a fully functioning demo that you can try.
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Neither one of those seem to do the trick....they don't have good menu options.  

DVD-Lab seems like it would be able to do it, but I cannot figure out how to get the video on the main screen to loop, but not be full screen.
I use TMPGEnc DVD Author

you can download a trial from

Its a really easy to use interface and the latest version has some really good plug ins for backgound music and fade ins and outs.
Rusty - I prefer Sony DVD Architect
they no longer sell it standalone - it is part of the vegas+dvd suite
it doesnt have those limitations you discussed - and should be able to anything you want
it is a pro-level authoring system, but I found it to be totally intuitive
depending on how serious you are about this project
I would reccomend Vegas+DVD
you can get a free trial of just the dvd architect 4 package, but I really like how it integrates with vegas
go here
it will definitely make your dreams come true
I may be missing it, but it doesn't look like the Sony software has the ability for a video to be playing on the main screen (just thumbnails)
i think it does
i can confirm for you tonight when i get home
I ended up downloading the newest Roxio suite & MYDVD seemed to help a lot.  The time on the main-menu was still somewhat limited, but it had a lot more options with the overlays etc to help me out.

Thanks everyone for your help!