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Error tcsd_win32.exe has beformed an illegal operation and must shutdown

We have over a hundred computers that get this error.  I've verified the origin of the program and what it supposed to do but no solutions are available anywhere for this error (that I can find).  

Re-installing from the CD is not an option.

The error only occurs when shutting down.  Consiquently no changes made to the OS are saved.

All computers are Dell Latitude D620s.
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Which program?
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What ever program is tcsd_win32.exe is associated with.  It is part of this company's programs...
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By the way, it is part of the encryption services issued with Embassy Trust Suite - Wave systems corp standard on Dell business class machines and partially installed - if you use finger print readers, or smartcards then you probably use it. If you do not use encryption, or finger print readers etc, then you can un-install and that will most likely fix the problem. If you are unsure if you use it, then simply go into programs, wave systems corp, embassy security centre, and if it fires up the ELUA then you probably are not using it...
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Im getting the same error on shutdown. tcsd_win32.exe
Ive a Dell D630 with no fingerprint security.
worded, it is not just fingerprint security, there are a few security regimes it thinks it is controlling - despite the fact that you might not be using. Smartcard is another example.

Thanks mark_wills  
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