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Why doesn't Windows XP Internet Time feature sync with NetWare time server ?

I have our NetWare 6.5 server configured to use NTP to get its time from one of the well known internet time servers. This works fine.

On a Windows XP SP2 machine I would like to set the Internet Time tab to get its time from the NetWare server. When I do this and click the Update Now button, it always fails. Even if I turn off the Windows XP firewall it still fails.

I have checked the NetWare server and the UDP-NTP port is listening.

Windows XP seems to have no problem syncing time directly to one of the internet time servers so I would like to know why it is unable to sync time to an internal NetWare server.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem ?


Chris Granitz
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Is the Netware Server configured to be an NTP host not just an NTP client ?

Try using a freebie client like abouttime to see if its able to sync with the NTP host .. I suspect Novell might be wanting some type of authentication or not configured as a "public" ntp source.
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As far as I can tell the NetWare box is configured as both an NTP server and client.

I downloaded a freebee called SymmTime and configured it to use the NetWare server as the time source. It is able to sync with no problem.
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In the Novell client piece,there is a setting in the advanced settings ,set station time.

This can be set to on or off and does the following:

Synchronizes the client workstation date and time with that of the NetWare* server that the client workstation initially attaches to. Setting the value of this parameter to Off disables the synchronization feature.

So if you are using the NW client from Novell(NOT M$!),it automaticall syncs time to the file server when set to on.
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Yes, we do use the Novell client and I am aware of the Set Station Time setting. This works fine. But I think this only syncs when a login occurs. I don't think it will correct for clock drift on a periodic basis if no login occurs.

I was more curious as to why the Windows time sync does not work.

Are you logged into NW when you attempt the NTP sync to the NW server?
I've had trouble with windows time sync before first u have to change ur date to 1 day before then click save then try to sync Obviously it wont work....however go back into it then set up the date propaply (the real date) and set the time as closely as possible to the actual time i suggest using a household clock and then make sure ur Time Zone is Correct then before pressing Ok try sync'ing if that still doesnt work then click ok then go back in and it SHOULD always has for me (it has a funny way of working)

But as for ur netware thingo i have no idea maybe once windows one starts workin then the netware one will two...
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I am logged into the NetWare server as Admin with full rights, but the Windows Internet Time still does not sync with the NetWare server.
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Loading and configuring XNTPD.NLM on the NetWare server solved the problem.

That tells me that Windows XP must require NTP v3.

I was totally unaware of the XNTPD.NLM. I have always used the TIMESYNC.NLM on a NetWare server.

Thanks !