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(500 pts) Create a DNS zone for a new TREE in an AD forest

I have a domain already in place:, this is the root domain in the forest. I would like to create a seperate tree in the forest for a domain named

I would like com to be and NOT

I was under the impression you could do this with AD, all that was required was a seperate tree. How do I go about creating the DNS server for tree #2?

What are the correct steps for doing this? Can this be done with only 1 subnet? (192.168.1.x) Just give the upper half to one and the lower to the other?

Thanks all!
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Well it sounds like potentially you are talking about more than one thing here.

DNS zone can be created easily in the DNS admin for whatever you want and then map ips into it for reverse lookups etc.

However if you want to be a "domain" that you log into then this is required to be a tree in AD.
ie vs
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Okay, do I need to do any delegation from the root domain to the new tree? I have a DNS server for

I was planning on creating one for, I was not sure what the correct steps were to do this? I was under the impression that the order in how I do this will make a huge diffrence.

EX: Delgate control to the new server, install DNS, DCPROMO, ext.
Basically from the sounds of what you are doing is basically creation of 2 seperate root domains . Create as if you  would a normal AD forest , configure DNS , DHCP etc.

Thats how i am reading what you are trying to accomplish .. correct me if i am wrong

so you will have users logging in to your LAN as and

Or are you trying to accomplish -- address - address

and have approriate DNS for each
Yes...this is correct. Can i have 2 root domains in the same forest?

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