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IPC$, Admin$, C$ shares deleted and cannot print


I have a Windows 2000 Server SP4 that is giving me grief.

All the default shares are being deleted. I can type for example net share admin$ and the share comes back for about 5 seconds or so but then goes again.

A net share command does not list any of the default shares.

Typing net share c$ produces the error this shared resourcse does not exist

The server is running norton corp 7.5 and although old is bang up to date with the definitions. I have run an online scan from and a scan with but all come back clean. I have also run spybot search and destroy and trojan remover.

Nothing seems to be loading in the run key of current_user or local_user

printing works from the server but no-one can print from a client (printers shared from server)

computer management from an xp machine to the server is not allowed - cannot be managed. the server is not configured for transactions

i have found this other article that sounds exactly like our problem but no viruses have been found :(

any ideas??

pretty desperate on this one
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Lee W, MVP
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Have you checked the event logs?  Are there any unrecognized Services?  

and have it do a startup list you can check.

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Check the event log for services that have failed to start (System log).  Also check for freespace on the OS partition (normally C:).  Lack of freespace can prevent a number of services from starting.
Lack of freespace can also prevent a server from building sessions with client machines.
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Nothing obvious in the logs and plenty of disk space.

Forgot to mention that the firewall is showing 7500+ connections so definitely a virus of some sort.

I have temporarily (permanently??) resolved the issue now. I ran sysclean from NAI and although it found no viruses, within seconds of it running the internet connections on the firewall tumbled down to 5 connections. I recreated the shares and they all stayed :)

I can only assume a process was running that sysclean terminated. Weird though that 5+ other antivirus scanners did not detect it!

Thanks for your help and apologies to sysexpert as I never got around to trying that link
Glad you resolved it.

Use the link and save the list of startups so you know what SHOULD be there as a base line.

Also do a WINMSD and save the entire results to a file as another reference baseline.

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