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Corrupt folder in user mailbox

I am using Veritas Backup Exec and my backup is failing because of a corrupt folder in a user's mailbox.  I am getting the following message from Backup Exec "Can not backup directory Richard Fisher [rfisher]潢Ꚁ獣扦ā휰ǢNYEX1 Differential Das is what I was proposing to send to James Kelly - he has texted me his email and its subdirectories".  I am unable to find this folder in both the user's Outlook inbox or in Backup Exec's selection list so I am unable to remove it.  I am trying to avoid having to use Microsoft's eseutil utility to get rid of this corrupt folder.  I am using Exchange 2000 with Outlook 2003.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
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You're probably doing a brick-level backup, right?  It might not be a directory but rather one specific message.  Have you tried searching for the text that you posted above ("Differential Das is what I was proposing to send to James Kelly - he has texted me his email and its subdirectories").

Dismount the store and run ISINTEG using the -alltests and the -fix switches (use /? to find the rest). Store service should be started but dodgy store dismounted.

If it finds errors keep running it until it has run clean twice.
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I have tried searching for that specific message and removed it, but then I get a different message the next day.  Today I got this one, "Directory not found. Can not backup directory Richard Fisher [rfisher]潢Ꚁ獣扦 āExcludes and its subdirectories."  I know the user deleted several folders from his Inbox the day before this problem started.  I am trying not to dismount the store or do anything that would take the server offline.  What if I exmerge the user's mailbox and then merge it back in?  Do you think that might fix the problem?
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