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Blackberry Support for Multiple Accounts

Our CEO has a Corporate Exchange Account at OURDOMAIN.COM as well as a separate personal domain [HISDOMAIN.NET] which our exchange server supports.
He has been carrying 2 blackberries to access both accounts and is tired of that.  Is there a way for 1 blackberry to support both accounts?  I know he can support 1 exchange account and we can POP to the other but I really don't want to open a POP port to my exchange server.

Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.

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Just do forwarding from HISDOMAIN.NET to your OURDOMAIN.COM.  You POP service provider will be able to forward a copy of ever email but still retain a copy on the server so his computer can still pull down the pop email.

The only down side will be when he replies from the BlackBerry as it will only show
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Are you on BIS or BES?
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We are one BES version

I'm not familar with BIS. Whats the difference?
So, if I'm running BES am I out of the picture with the /BIS setup reply?

BIS is web based and allows you to run multiple email accounts.  The downside is that contacts and calendar don't sync wirelessly, plus heaps of other feature are missing that you get in BES.
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BIS is th eservice used by consumers who buy and BB and typically use POP3 to access their ISP email accounts. A BB, using the process I outlined above, can support a BIS account and a BES account at the same time.
Pardon my lack of knowledge.  I just seem to be low in Blackberry world!
What does this mean to me?  If I'm running a full BES can I also use the BIS ?


This may work but it isn't recomended by RIM.
'Not recommended'? How/why/where?
The Carrier for my CEO's Blackberry is Cingular.. So - What is the BIS stuff I gotta do??
This is getting critical mass as he's going away later this week..

Thanks again..

Select "Create New Account" and follow the prompts (link below).  The PIN and IMEI can be found under options and status on your CEO's device.  You can set the BIS account to automatically get your pop email but is better to go to your POP account and set "Forward a copy to" and "leave a copy on server".  Every now and again BB will do a data wipe and this BIS account could be removed as you are on BES, as this is not a BB supported option check with your Telco to see what their policy on this method is.