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Send on behaf of

I'm currently running an exchange 2003 server.
My email is sent via an SMTP connector to my isp's smtp server. The same is done for retrieving pop3 email.

Now I want to send a message on behaf of an email address.
The email address is not a known user in my AD. Just a plain smtp email address.
I am aware how to send on behaf of an user, but that's not what I'm trying to accieve cause I'm not sending on behaf of a user, but on behaf of an email address.

How to do this ?

My outlook keeps telling that I don't have permission (but I guess that has to do with the 'send of behaf of user' setting)

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That is called spoofing, and Exchange will not allow you to do that. You can only send as another email address for an address that Exchange knows about. Doesn't matter if it is a user, list or public folder.

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Creating a user is not an option.
So I'll leave it with a list or public folder.

How can I accieve this the best way ?
Why is creating a user not an option?
Even if you create a list or a public folder you will need the email to go somewhere else.
Furthermore, if the domain isn't listed in recipient policy then Exchange will not allow you to send the message.

The only effective way to send email as another address that doesn't exist on your server or uses another domain name is to use a standard POP3/SMTP client where you can put anything you like in the configuration. However if you aren't the legitimate server for that domain there is a good chance that the email will be flagged as spam. Spoofing is generally frowned upon by the internet community - there almost no good reasons for doing it.

The reason I'm dooing this is to keep private & business separated.
All my private email and professional email are forwarded to my exchange server, on my account.
When I send an email to a buisiness partner, there is no need for him to see my private email (he won't even recognise the email), and vica versa.

If I have to create a new user each time I need an email address, that's just too wild to be a good solution.
I can understand that I need to list the SMTP address somewhere in my AD so Exchange recognises it as legitimate, but creating a whole new user, and a whole mailbox ????
I wouldn't have personal email in Exchange. I have my Gmail account and a notifier for that.

For Exchange to allow you to send the email as another user you need to grant Send As permissions. You need an object to grant those permissions to. That usually means a user account and a mailbox. It isn't a great hardship - my personal Exchange server has a dozen accounts and single user.

But the only object to grant 'send as' permissions to is a user or group ? Not an email enabled contact ?
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