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Setting the index value of a dropdownlist when its created

I have a dropdownlist in 2.0.

This dropdownlist is populated from a SQLDATASOURCE control.

When the control is created the 1st item in the list does not let me click on it.  I am pasting the code below.  Please help.

<asp:SqlDataSource ID="TemplateSource" runat="server"
     ConnectionString="<%$  ConnectionStrings:NewDMSConnectionString %>"
     SelectCommand="select * from Template inner join Templatedetail on tmptype = RepType order by tmpName"

<asp:DropDownList id="TemplateList" Runat="Server"
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This is not working.

I have this drop down list being rendered inside a view control.
The values in the dropdown list are being generated from asp datacontrol and are not being populated from any vb event.  I tried using your code in on load...and from the onclick event of the button on the previous page....and it doesnt seem to affect the dropdownlist....

How would you suggest I apply this code...?
ahh..I used the on Pre render event to fire this change....

Thanks for the help