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VMWare w/ NW6 Storage Problem

I'm trying to load NW6 onto a VMWare ESX 3.0 server.  Unfortunately, I do not have a floppy on the server.  All I have is the original CD to install from.  I've created an ISO file and saved it on the ESX Server and the installation starts as expected.  WHen asked for the storage drivers, I am selecting the CPQSHD.CDM and, frankly, every other driver available on the disk.  The driver that I need has to support the LSI SCSI driver that VMWare recommends.  Novell has fixed support for that driver (around 2003, I think) but I now have to get the proper drivers to the server.  I have no floppy on the server.  

I'd be happy to iron out the details for discussion purposes but I am also fishing to see if this is a good spot for VMWare conversations.  I'd like to avoid the "NW6 is expired" discussion, if at all possible.


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PsiCop is correct....when I was migrating physical NW6 servers to 6.5 in VMware, I originally had both NW6 and NW65 virtual machines installed in ESX for testing.  I used NW6SP5 overlay and had no driver issues.  Just my two cents :)
I thought it ended in November, 2005.

Anyway, the advice to obtain and burn to CD the latest overlay ISO for NetWare 6 is very sound, and you should take it.  All of the drivers that were current as of the date of release of SP5 would be already there on the install CD.

File that away for future reference - when installing NetWare or OES, always use the latest overlay CD's.  Unlike Redmond, Novell gives you options.  You don't have to "roll your own" slipstream install media, because also unlike Redmond, Novell provides full downloadables of their products.  You can use the same downloaded media for a live trial install, or for a fully licensed install, and can also upgrade licensing from live trial to fully licensed without having to reinstall.

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And I got really excited...

Unfortunately, I'm getting the same result.  Going with the defaults does not work and selecting the CPQSHD does not work.  I'm under the impression that CPQSHD has LSI Logic support.  Any ideas?

Sweet!  I goofed up.

Actually, during troubleshooting I tried a different SCSI (BUSLogic v. LSILogic) and neglected to change it back during the installation today.  Over burgers, I remembered that I made that change so upon my return, I switched it back and now it's moving along.

Thank you all.  Points to PsiCop for the first correct answer.