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DNS not resolving

Sorry Ive hadnt much experience in this area so would appreciate any assistance.

I have NTL broadband and want to be very specific before I contact them on the problem.

Every day around 8pm and 11pm and randomly during the weekend my service has stopped. PS I have completely flattened my pc to ensure a fresh system and even tested the pc on another friends connection to ensure it was not a problem with my pc.

The problem to me is that the DNS servers do not resolve or drop. When the service is available I have DNS servers but when down they are not appearing in my support and details of my network card.

Thanks in advance

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8pm to 11pm is probably the peak time. I doubt there is anything wrong with your configuration. you should give your provider a call, they probably have more customers than they can handle
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Have you tried a different DNS server?
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Gave them a call the connected to the modem and they added a second dns server problem resloved for now, thankyou all for your comments.
Cool. My answer provided the solution. But the guy that doubted me gets the points. Good to know that the system works.
I did not doubt you, I doubted the fact that an ISP will be willing to do anything on a customers call.  If they are running an ISP and have no SNMP traps or do not check the logs of their DNS servers they would be bankrupt.  
Sorry Simpat1zq

I gave the points to savone as he pinpointed a solution to add or use other dns servers, and it was successfull.

Just telling me to call my provider was not sufficient for the points.

Sorry again