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I would like to know more about spyware. What is the detection/prevention methodology to fight with spyware in a typical enterprise organization.

2) Tool that many big organization (enterprise level) use to fight with spyware
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Rich, Amen to that!

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The simple act of putting users in a group that is prevented from installing is marvelous.  Spyware from some grey website can't install, because the local user doesn't have the right to install software.  The local user can't install some free junkware they just downloaded (which has spyware embedded in it), because they dont have the right to install software.  Even some remote exploits execute with the "rights of the locally logged-on user".  If the locally logged on user cannot install software, guess what? No exploit.  If you have sufficiently locked down IE, then local users can't even install and allow another major headache, ActiveX controls.  If I had to point my finger at one thing, the single largest incremental gain for effort, it would be preventing users from installing software.

Rich, double amen.  Amen squared.
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hi there, is there any case where a company is liable to pay huge of money due to spyware?
How about removing the issue entirly before it can take effect in your computer.  I have used an application known as DeepFreeze.  Basically you go through and set up your perfect image for your systems then install and activate Deep freeze.  For any important information that you want your people to have when they reboot there computer is stored on a second partitioned drive with the my docs and favorites directories pointing to this new partition.  The user can surf all they want download and install everything and everything they can think of.  As soon as they reboot there system the computer will revert back to its original look and feel as if nothing has happened. BONUS!!!!!!
Windows XP and ME also have "system-restore"that is an attempt at something like deep-freeze, or norton's Go-Back, the short of it is, you don't need deepfreeze or it's ilk if your observing best practices. DeepFreeze does have it's place, I've used it myself I like it very much, and it's way better than "go-back" or M$'s System Restore.