Based on javabean clas can i create DAO CRUD methods

i have java bean with setters and getters method;based on i want to create DAO class which includes CRUD methods(create,read etc)
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chaitu chaituAsked:
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DAO class should not be having any business logic in it, it will just take care of the data access,

you give a query, it will execute it .. thats all about it,

have a layer above your DAO to put your Business Logic, ( CRUD )
you can use your java bean class as a value object.
write a seperate DAO class having insert, update, delete... and
always use your java bean class for setting the values required/returned for/by DAO class
chaitu chaituAuthor Commented:
there is misconception here;i asked i want to generate DAO code based on some DB tables;
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Suppose if you have a table Employee, and a Employee Bean

do you mean to say, your DAO class should contain methods like,

createEmployee ( Employee e)
Employee getEmployee ( Sting id )
deleteEmployee ( Sting id )
updateEmployee ( Employee e )
chaitu chaituAuthor Commented:
in createEmployee  method create query should construct with all the table columns
>> in createEmployee  method create query should construct with all the table columns

use a insert query,

createEmployee ( Employee emp )
 PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement ( "insert into employees values ( ?, ?,?,.....?) " ) ;
 ps.setString ( 1 , emp.getID () ) ;
 ps.setString ( 2, emp.getName () ) ;
 ps.executeUpdate () ;

similarly for others,
Consider using some ORM solution like Hibernate, JDO...

So that you can map your Java bean to database table in an config file or using Annotations
& then use the ORM tool provided API to persist or query these objects..

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