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Incorrect days calculation in AIX

I have the following code to calculate number of days. It works fine in window platform, but in AIX the calculation is wrong. For example fnGetDay("01/04/2006", "30/06/2007") will return 456. But in AIX it will return 455.
This only happen to the month April, others months ok.
Any idea why or is there a better way to calculate number of days?

      public static long fnGetDay(String fStrStartDate, String fStrEndDate) {
            long lLngDayDelta;
            long lLngDayInMili;

            int lIntStartDay;
            int lIntStartMonth;
            int lIntStartYear;
            int lIntEndDay;
            int lIntEndMonth;
            int lIntEndYear;

            Calendar lCalStartCalendar;
            Calendar lCalEndCalendar;

            lLngDayDelta = 0;
            lLngDayInMili = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24;

            // Extract start day values.
            lIntStartDay = Integer.parseInt(fStrStartDate.substring(0, 2));
            lIntStartMonth = Integer.parseInt(fStrStartDate.substring(3, 5));
            lIntStartYear = Integer.parseInt(fStrStartDate.substring(6, 10));

            // Extract end day values.
            lIntEndDay = Integer.parseInt(fStrEndDate.substring(0, 2));
            lIntEndMonth = Integer.parseInt(fStrEndDate.substring(3, 5));
            lIntEndYear = Integer.parseInt(fStrEndDate.substring(6, 10));

            // Create Calendar objects and set them to their correct values.
            lCalStartCalendar = Calendar.getInstance();
            lCalEndCalendar = Calendar.getInstance();

            lCalStartCalendar.set(lIntStartYear, lIntStartMonth - 1, lIntStartDay, 0,      0,0);
            lCalEndCalendar.set(lIntEndYear, lIntEndMonth - 1, lIntEndDay, 0, 0, 0);

            // Calculate the day delta.
            lLngDayDelta =
                        - lCalStartCalendar.getTime().getTime())
                        / lLngDayInMili)
                        + 1;

            return lLngDayDelta;

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8/22/2022 - Mon

How's this?

  public static long fnGetDay(String fStrStartDate, String fStrEndDate) throws ParseException
    SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat( "dd/MM/yyyy" ) ;

    Calendar lCalStartCalendar = Calendar.getInstance() ;
    Calendar lCalEndCalendar = Calendar.getInstance() ;

    lCalStartCalendar.setTime( sdf.parse( fStrStartDate ) ) ;
    lCalEndCalendar.setTime( sdf.parse( fStrEndDate ) ) ;

    int days = 0 ;

    while( lCalStartCalendar.compareTo( lCalEndCalendar ) <= 0 )
      lCalStartCalendar.add( Calendar.DATE, 1 ) ;
      days++ ;

    return days ;

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Thanks CEHJ, setting the Timezone solved the problem.

TimYates, your solution works as well. Just that I prefer not to use looping to count the days as the start date & end date may be 10+ years difference. However thanks for helping :)

Boon leng

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