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Howcan I change the monitor refresh rate in windows 3.11?

see title. Graphics adapter ist currently set to xga and even 90 Hz on my crt but I need 75 or 60 Hz for my TFT.
I'm not familiar with 3.11 and don't find any setting for it.
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Great question!
I'm looking for some better answers, but this is a start:
(Translated from German). The last line should be what you need.

I hope you do know Sysedit? If you don't bring up a run dialog and type "sysedit". This little program will allow you to edit the config files, including win.ini and system.ini.
One can tweak the system by modifying a few eintries system.ini (italic: speed, normal: stabiliy):

First the [386Enh] section:
DMABufferSize=64 ; size of the DMA buffer in KB, should be at least 64 KB, on my system it's even 150 KB
FileSysChange=Off ; Changes in the file system are reported to programs which understand it (File Manager). Off is faster.
MaxBPs=768 ; defines the number of breakpoints, default: 200

WindowUpdateTime=5 ; interval (in ms), in which the content of DOS windows is redrawn, default: 50

Read through this link for a lot of WIN 3.11 tips - plus specifics on refresh rates:
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Thanks Younghv, but
Default:  50
Purpose:  Specifies the amount of time (in milliseconds)
          Windows takes before it updates the display oXf
         -> non-Windows applications<- running in a window.
To change:  Use Notepad to edit the SYSTEM.INI file.
That's not what I want. I already googled and found the other articles and clues to use manufacturer specific tools, but I still don't believe, that win 3.11 did not offer that on its own.
Ya, Ich werde fortsetzen zu schauen.
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I would like to close the question. I found the option in the VideoSeven-Options which I did not notice at first.
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