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Live Employee Tracking App

I'm looking for an app that will allow me to track my employees to see if they are in the building or not without having to search for them. For instance, when they sit down at their computer, they press a button on their computer and the president of the company is able to see if that person is signed in or not. Most people leave their computers on at night, so just looking at the network won't suffice. So, if they go to lunch, they click the "out" button and when they come back, they click the "in" button. Does anyone have any suggestions? It can be web based also. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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Hi pitsbros,

It is difficult to do it via an application since
a) Some employees may feel that they are being monitored too closely
b) They can always "forget" to press the key while going out ... or at times while coming in

Solution is to issue them access card and lock each entry/exit by a card reader ... To enter/exit they will have to swipe the card and these times can be logged .. Same card can be made mandatory for unlocking machines.

Something like

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Thanks for that. I was actually looking for something that for the future when we move to our new location in 3 years, but for now I was looking for something a little more simple. I realize that our employees will take time to get used to it, but it's something that was handed down to me from above, so I've been set on the task. Any other ideas? I will keep that other solution in mind later on down the road though...
You can force a policy of auto logout after X mins of inactivity

If that is not an option - say ovrnight processing etc. are required, then check these - EIOBoard

I'm sorry, but none of that to me is really what I'm looking for. Just need something simple. What I need may not exist...Just need a simple app on the desktop that will register to a database that the employee is "IN" and when they leave for lunch or something, they click "OUT". When that is clicked, it updates a database that the boss can look at and see "Oh, Mike is out"...

That's all I really need. If I could write it myself, I would. I really want to write something in Java and have it update a database that is sent back to an RSS reader for the boss to look at...
Hi pitsbros,

You dont have to use all features of an application if you dont want to :) -> Free application offers ...

 Track and monitor employee attendance accurately in real-time from anywhere in the world. We offer five different ways to track employee attendance that fits any company or budget.

Time Clock Options - Employees can punch in using: Computer Web Browsers (PC/MAC), iButtons, Cell Phones/PDAs, Barcode Badges and Touch-tone Telephones.

I believe real time data availability and web based punch in is what you are looking for ... You can choose not to deploy rest of the features.
CAC cards are probably what you would need as the base for this venture.  They'll have to be programmed with the employees information and miriad of password information.  The computers will have to have CAC card readers (Dell sell a bunch of them as standalone or part of the computer).  But I suppose you will need electronic dor locks that respond to CAC cards also.  

Another though would be installing biometric thumb readers for the doors, to at least log what room the user is entering....  

So that's my two cents on the Live Employee Tracking App... I suppose you don't need anything to track the dead ones?

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Thank you and good luck with the future expansion :)