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Address book for another company

I would like to be able to display the e-mail addresses of the users at our sister company from our e-mail server.  The domains have a trust relationship, however, we aren't able to query the respective exchange 2003 servers using LDAP.  

Ideally, it would be nice to make this dynamic, so when company A adds a new employee, our address book would automatically be populated.   Any ideas?
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If you have a trsut then why cant you have an LDAP lookup.....adding LDAP service to each users outlook profile
is the simplest...cheapest...and will fulfill your DYNAMIC UPDTATE requirement...

orelse you must spend tons of money on third party tools or i think MS has one also
another solution is maunal import export
sorry i forgot the OR part and here it is
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Thanks for the info.  I guess I should explain better.  The clients are able to query the exchange servers via LDAP, I was trying to write and LDAP query from one exchange server to the other.  That's where I was having a problem.

The client LDAP isn't a problem, however, it seems that I have to setup for every user.  Is there a way to have the LDAP address book added to each users outlook profile without having to go to all machines?

Thanks in advance....

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Please leave this open.
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Why?  Do you have new information that you can add?
We are in process of implementing so we would like this to remain open for a couple of more weeks.

Ok, I have a list of the registry entries that have been modified after we have successfully added the LDAP query to a users profile.  I've exported this key.

What should we do to get this imported via login script, we currenly use KIX32 as our login tool.  How do I place this in the correct spot under the users outlook profile?