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BeforePost Event

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with a custom component I 've made consisting of a TButton and a TDBEdit. I have some code which does some validation and I want it to apply to all instances of my control. I do this on the BeforePostEvent of the control's dataset with the following code in the constructor of my component:

constructor customcomponent.Create(AOwner: TComponent);
    Self.DataSource.DataSet.BeforePost := DBEditBeforePost;

procedure customcomponent.DBEditBeforePost(DataSet: TDataSet);
    Code X;

Then I go on a form with the customcomponent on it and a TTable with name "aTable":

procedure TfrmPurchaseOrder.aTableBeforePost(DataSet: TDataSet);
    Code Y;

My problem with this is that when I assign some code in the BeforePost event of the form containing my component although "inherited" is there the form's code is not executed (Code Y in the example) but only the component's (Code X in the example). Is there anything I can do to execute 'Code X' via the inherited and 'Code Y' next???

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might not be a good idea to have the before post set by a component

why not the easy way, in the beforepost of the table

if table1.FieldByName('').value<>table1.fieldbyname('').OldValue then
..after the all, the validation is related to the table, not the editbox. either that or  write the val. code in the onexit event.
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My problem is that CodeX is generic and I want it always executed whereas CodeY is form specific.
I would have to insert CodeX everywhere which is repetitive without reason if I can do it the way I try
On Exit is not good because u can post without exit
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Worked like a dream meikl, thanks a lot.