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URGENT: Production problem: Replication not replicating entire documents

Hi All,

We have a situation here, we have implemented a lotus notes database copule of weeks back. This database is replicating all forms, APART from the main form correctly.

In case of main form, only 2 fields are getting replicated, $Revisions and $updatedBy. No other field is getting populated, while for all other forms, the enitre data is getting replicated.

I have the replication settings set up correctly. Replicate Full documents is on and all the documents have the ADMIN role. This role is the ONLY role and is present in the Authors fields.

All servers have ADMIN role and also manager access.

Any clues and quickly will be highly appriciated.

PS: I am talking about 50 servers being replicated here...

Rohit Arora
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WHat hapens with a local replica ?

Did you check the server replication logs ?

Are you sure there is no issue with selective replication ?

Did you check the original design template ?

Have you replaced the Design ?

I hope this helps !
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Even the local replica does not get any udpates. The server replication logs are showing nothing and the setting are to replicate all documents...

No changes have been done to the design or template...

I will need more help..

I would try to replace the design first.

2)  would use Notespeek or some tools to take a look to make sure that nothing else is corrupt.

Additionally, delete any replication history on main and replicas,  and retry.

I hope this helps !
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Additionally, you could try replicating with a different server, or even manually, to see whether design elements are coming over.
Sorry, was out of office for last cople of weeks. I took the steps as described by marilyng and was able to execute the replication again.