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New 2003 R2 install - can't get to internet, error in APP event: W. cannot access the file gpt.ini for GPO CN=( ...

This is a new Windows 2003 Server R2 install. Tried the Roles Wizard but it failed at the RRAS install, so went back and installed custom doing each role I needed (I think), leaving off RRAS. No I am getting this GPO error and cannot reach the internet to do updates. This has dual NICs - one 100MB and one 1000MB. I defined the fast one with a fixed address for local access and the other is DHCP for Internet access. I can access the server fine from a PC on the network, but cannot get out to the internet. I thin kI goofed somewhere here... can someone straighten me out? Thanks!
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I have returned the server to ground-0 and am starting over with only the GB-NIC. We'll see where that goes...
sounds like incorrect config of two NIC's.....if you have one for LAN and one for Internet, you have to very careful of how you set them up.....
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I reconfigured it with just the one NIC and all is well. Since I did this before logging back in to se eyour response, I can't award the points. Thanks though for the advice!
all good!
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