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Need solution for making no. of devices and device type configurable

Problem:  Write a software library to scan up to Eight Hardware Devices and provide data for each device to the user.  The user needs to tell the library how many devices to scan and which devices to scan.  For example, user may want data from device1, device2, and device8.  In this case, user tell the library to scan three devices.  And they are device1, device2, and device8.  What is the best way to design this interface in which user configures number of devices and which specific devices to scan.

Thank you.
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Heh?   99.7% of the users have NO IDEA what devices are in the computer.    Do *you* know how many CPU to PCI bridges are in your computer?

But, anyway, I'd go with a text file:


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This is for a embedded system, not PC.
When I say user, I don't mean someone using the PC, I mean another software layer.  This another software layer will interface with my software library.  There needs to be some array of structure or some other good interface with which my software library and another software layer will communicate as to for which devices and how many  devices I should provide the data.

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