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Multiple Cable Modem Internet load-balancing for medium sized network.

so basically here is the senario. I want to hook up say 5 cablemodems and a T1 line and set up the software/server/router whatever to be able to "pick" which cablemodem to route traffic to based on load. for instance lets say I have 100 users online I want it to spread them across the 5 modems (20 users per modem) basically seamlessly.

here is what I have.

(1) windows 2003 server (with 2 Gigabit nics)
(1) T1 line
(5) cablemodems

 and a crap load of routers, switches, wifi hotspots. (using gigabit fiber and gigabit copper for most of the stuff some is 100mbit though)Now I have already considered just assigning different areas of the network thier own cablemodem. But then it occured to me... wifi... people move around in a senario where there is a ton of users connected at on location and not another I want it to kinda roll them over to the cable modems that are not being used as much.

I'd prefer this to be a software solution I can handle with the 2003 server but I will consider just about any suggestion. Points awarded to the person who comes up a solution that best fits my needs and costs the least amount I guess.  I will check back often to answer any additional questions.
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Don't think there is any software to do this, you will need to setup individual networks either physically or usng vlans.  You will just need to setup the routing correctly so that all the networks can talk.  It would be nice to have a piece of software that would load balance you entire network over multiple cable modems, but then again, would you want to rely on that piece of software for your entire network.  
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did you even try googling it before posting that remark. I KNOW its possible Im looking for specific solutions. Question have you ever heard of multi-homed dedicated server connections? how about a peering center? see there is these places that host websites and servers for businesses.. usually at a peering center and they have multiple connections to multiple backbones from multiple ISPs... trust me it is possible. infact I have already found some hardware solutions that would work for T1s and DSL but not any that are designed for or flexible enough to utilize cablemodems yet.
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The Draytek 3000 could do 4 1 TI and 3 cable modems for £400 a firebrick could do the same amount but £700 load balancing multipoint software that works for more than 2 connections?
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Here's an appliance that performs this load-balancing, along with other functions;
i object being as how i answered the question myself a year ago.
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K I reviewed it. No one deserved the points by the time I answered it a year ago. if there was a button marked as "self answered" I'd have clicked it. But I see no such button.