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Include File Workd, Include Virtual does not

The following code works on my hosting server but fails on the localhost 5.1 under IIS 5.1 while testing using Dreamweaver.
<!--#include virtual="/Connections/cnBoard.asp" -->

The following code works on my localhost IIS 5.1 using the same Dreamweaver web site.
<!--#include file="Connections/cnBoard.asp" -->

Is the problem with my IIS setup or in Dreamweaver Site Manager
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Thanks for the tips.  I created a Connections folder under the Inetpub/wwwroot and placed a copy of all my ODBC connections.  Every page that has a <--#include virtual="/Connection/xxxx.asp"-->  statement works.

What I don't understand is how then does the same statement work on the host web site since I place the Connections folder under the web site's name.  Does the Web Hosting IIS software treat the root directory differently that the Inetpub/wwwroot?

Also, I would assume a lot of web developers would experience this same thing.  Therefore, I would think the solution would have been under the Microsoft's and Macromedia's FAQ section.  I searched for days trying to find this solution.
Web hosting probably made your website as root so it all worked. On your local system you must have made a virtual folder as you might have more applications. That is why it did not work. If you want you can also create a new website on your own machine and then it would work there too.