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How do you turn OFF Driver signing notifications in XP Pro?

I have this Lexmark X85 printer/scanner/copier that has some really buggy install software.  What happens is when I get to the point where I connect the USB cable, the Windows Driver Singing notification comes up asking if I am sure I want to install the driver, etc etc.. (you know the screen, right?).  The problem is, the dialogue box QUICKLY flashes in and out in such a wierd, buggy way, I cannot actually click anything on it to "Continue".  It doesn't even show up in the ALT-TAB list, but it's THERE, sort of hiding in the background, waiting to be clicked "Continue".. and of course, I can't click continue because the GUI gives me ZERO access to it due to an apparant bug in the install program.  I ahve tried two different versions of the driver package and they BOTH do it!  It does this on THREE different machines and 2 different OS's.. (Tried XP Pro and ME).

So... is there a way I can temporarily and TOALLY disable driver verification warnings so it automatically accepts and bypasses that screen?  I have a feeling that'd get the driver installed.
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Try this:

Go to Start - Run and type in "GPEDIT.MSC" without the quotes

Direct yourself to - User Configuration - Administrative Templates - System
On the right hand side find "Code signing for device drivers"
Double click and set it to disabled.

Will this get the driver installed, I'm not too sure, but you can try it out and reset the configuration if it doesn't.
Also if that didn't disable driver signing this site offers an alternate solution using the registry:
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Matrix.. that was exactly what I was looking for, thanks... DUH

Unforunately, now the "Search for drivers over the Internet" box comes up and DOES THE SAME THING!!!!!

*kicks printer into the dumpster*

Give me a freaking break!  I give up.

Hi Acon have you tried installing the software before plugging in the Printer/Scanner?

Most USB type devices prefer it that way.

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I was actually able to get the printer installed by ending task one one of the processes the printer software runs.. as soon as I ended that process, the driver installation continued.  That is the ONLY way I was able to get it to install.