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Congrates Ciuly . . .

. . . Ā for passing 300K this year.

if you go on this way, you may break the 400k as well

good work

meikl ;-)
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>it would be an all time record on this TA :D
yep :-)))
many congrates Ciuly.
Great achivement
Congrates Ciuly


Nice work Ciuly
Congrats, very nice work.

Darnit, if you keep this up then I will go down one step in the top-15... :-) So take it easy, ciuly. Have a long holiday, take some rest, spend time with the wife and kids and forget about ExEx for a while. :-P

Oh, well... Just means I'll have to start work harder again at ExEx to keep my position. :-) Well done, ciuly. :-)
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300k money?
dollars/euros? I wish :P
Fantastic, which company are you woring in? or your own company?
@adm_adamlee: that has nothing to do with it. it's not about any money here. it's about the expert points ;) (see the 2 "top 15" on the left of the pages from this TA. this Q refferes to top 15 yearly)
Yeah, he blew my doors off a few months ago. He's catching up on Delphipages, too, he has a long way to go there, though.
> He's catching up on Delphipages, too, he has a long way to go there, though
well, I didn't have too much time since I started raceing russel here :D but will definetly allocate some time next year :P though indeed it's a looong way.
well, unsysapps is going to catch me soon. I thought, once I passed the 1000 mark, that it'd be a long time
before anyone caught me because GoodFunc and AndyHo were the next two in line at about 450.

For anyone that doesn't know, Delphipages gives you 1 (ONE) point for each accepted answer. I have
probably another 1000 or so that have never been accepted, too.

and there is no way to force a question to be accepted or to correct it if it was accepted incorrectly. a few minor flaws :)
closing this thread, now
damn, i have really too less time :-))

meikl ;-)
I know the felling :)

Also, I am waiting for quite some time for you to hit the 100K so that I can return the favor ;) :D
yep, still waiting for myself :-))