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Does NT4 to W2003 AD upgrade affect CITRIX Metframe XPS Farm


We have a Citrix MetaFrame XPS 1.0 Farm using domain accounts for authentication and a local jet database for storing the Citrix information. Most of the servers are W2000 SP4, a couple are W2003 SP1. Citrix deployments are a mix of SP3/FR3 and SP4.

We are planning to upgrade the NT4 domain to W2003 AD shortly. Is this likely to cause any problems for the operation of the Citrix farm?


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Not as long as your DNS infrastructure is setup correctly (and this would be more about the general function of the OS and less a Citrix issue). Citrix doesn't care whether the user accounts and groups are stored in an AD domain or in an NT4 domain.
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Aactually it does have an effect in the sense that the underlying terminal server licensing server must be on an AD domain controller.

Not if the TS license server is running on Server 2003.
Well, unless my memory fails me,  the TS License Server was running on W2003 server and the error message specifically said it must be running on a domain controller.
No, that was only the case in Windows 2000; once the TS LS would notice it's a member of an AD domain, the service wouldn't start anymore with an according event logged. On Server 2003, a TS LS can be installed whether it's a member of an NT4 domain or an AD domain.
Well, I don't know how we can resolve this because that doesn't fit in with my recollection of what happened.
Could it be that you had a license server left running on a W2k machine? I've personally installed a TS license server on a W2k3 machine in an AD domain that wasn't a DC ...

Install Terminal Server Licensing

"* [...] You can only install an Enterprise license server on a domain controller or a member server in a domain, not on a stand-alone server.[...]
* [...] If you select this option, the computer on which you install the license server does not have to be a domain controller. [...]"
I actually had two license servers. Originally, when running the NT4 domain there was a W2k license server. When we added a couple of W2003 member servers (which also ran Citrix) to the domain I had to install and activate a license server on one of these to serve the W2003 Terminal Server licenses. Later when we upgraded to W2003 AD, both these Terminal Servers stop working.

Do you think the problems with the W2003 TS License server were created because the W2K one was present?
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