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Lost RDP connection to 2003 server


I recently had to reinstal my network adapter and since then I have lost RDP access to my server.

I tried telnet to port 3389 and it wont connect

ran netstat and it is not listening on 3389

There is no firewall to block the connection. I have checked that the terminal server service is running fine and that RDP is enabled in remote settings for administrators.

Could anyone please help with this as I need to get this running asap



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Hi daly29,

You dont wanna hear this I guess but I had a similar issue at our Amsterdam office 2x (I did install some fixes)
And later on I could not connect through RDP.
All I did was restart the server from my workstation using the "shutdown /m \\server /r /f command"
And voila I could connect... I hope another expert has a say on this.


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Make sure windows firewall didn't kick on somehow. I'm guessing this isn't a remote server since you said you had to re-install the NIC. Before resorting to rebooting I would check your event logs, look for a service failure or anything of the sort. And of course if you run out of options, as a last resort, a good ol' reboot seems to fix a lot of strange things sometimes.
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I had this after installing a new card (hba) and it was because the terminal server service had stopped and was set on manual
1. right click on my computer, choose properties, tab [remote], and check the box allow remote connections.

If 1 doesnot work

2. Reinstall Terminal Service this can be done through add / remove programs.
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Thanks guys but I have done that lot even reinstalling terminal services has'nt worked.

My other dc is working fine and I have an Acronis image of the DC with the problem (which is my main DC)  before it happened, but it is 10 days old now I am worried If I run the Image whether or not AD will replicate over ok with such an old Image. It is a small network so there is not masses going on but I may have to resort to that.
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Thanks for reply

I am not at work till next Friday now and cant check oh how I miss RDP. But after I reinstalled terminal services yesterday I think there was only one adapter there.
I think the same but it definately worth a try to check gary's tip.
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Had a look in Terminal services the problem was the network selected was the wrong one Thanks gary your tip resolved the issue for me so I am awarding you the points. Thanks to everyone for your help on this.