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same user name logging into each pc


a slightly unusual request.....

i am doing an install of sbs server 2003 and 5 pc's

the "boss" only wants one email address for all pc'

if i have each user login in as info, and setup each exchange mailbox as info...what will happen..?

will it work?, will every pc get updated automatically when an email is deleted, replied to etc....


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FYI, there's also a very good reason to have each person have a separate login... SECURITY.  If Mary decides to quit because she doesn't like the company anymore... the last thing you want to do is have to change everyone's password... it's better to just disable her account.

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i'm with u on this but we are talking about someone who will only accept what THEY want!

his idea is as follows..if i can make sense of it.....

all of the staff will be sending out email at some stage but they necessarily will not be the ones dealing with the replies....only one person will ever be dealing with the email on a given day...

i could get away with the public mail box IF it can be set so that all outgoing email is sent from this a/c by all outgoing email goes @

am i making any sense????


also the reply address would automatically be info@
Yes, you are making sense out of something that really doesn't make any sense... What I generally find is that the "boss" doesn't realize that there is better technology today that can address the REAL issues and objectives that he is trying to achieve.  By dictating how the technology should be configured rather than providing you with a set of issues and objectives and allowing YOU to then recommend the best solution to meet those issues and objectives, he's probably missing most of the value of the investment he's making in technology.

Think about this... why are you installing a server anyhow?  You don't need one if everyone has the same account, login and email.  I understand that many companies don't want "customer service" emails to come from individuals... they think it should come from "customer service" for instance... mostly because they want to make sure that each customer request is handled and doesn't sit in an individual's mailbox.  That is a major concern of most everyone... so there is a solution which will work even better... Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2003.... which allows a shared database of "issues", reporting, etc., etc.

If i'm off base here, let me know... but I'm guessing that even if my example isn't exactly on target, it's pretty close.


What you could do is set up an additional user named "info" and log onto a computer and set the permissions using outlook for that mailbox so that all the employees are delegates of that mailbox. Then, for the users, go into the Outlook MS Exchange account options and choose "Additional Options" and tell the exchange account to automatically open the "info" exchange mailbox on startup. That should make the "info" account show up in the folder list.Then, when they need to send an e-mail, they may need to just click on the "Options" button in the e-mail editor to choose to send it as "info", I haven't set anything up this way in a while, so I can't exactly remember. If it's a reply, then Outlook should automatically choose the account to send from.

Maybe this helps,